Jay, OK - El Vallarta Food Review

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El Vallarta

1014 S. Main St

Jay, OK 74346


Photos here: http://www.nowthatscookin.com/node/552

A really nice place to stop when you are in the area.

Always found the staff to be pleasant, they stay on top of your table and make sure your cups are filled as well as the complimentary salsa and chips. Always smiling and eager to please.

In regards to overall cleanliness it is ok, though I will ding them a few points on the bathrooms upon occasion.

I have had many of their dishes over time and one of my favorites has to be the Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. Out of all of the times I have had that dish there was only one time when the dish had far too much garlic, which is saying a lot because I love my garlic. I pity the vampire ever trying to get a quick snack off of me!

Chimichanga de Camaron is good as well, for those liking the chicken dishes you may want to try their Burrito Jalisco or Pollo Ranchero. Can't go wrong with their Carne Asada or Chile Verde.

Tortilla soup will hit the spot, their shrimp cocktails are good too. Their refried beans I believe are made from scratch if I remember correctly, I had asked them a long time ago, they have a good taste and consistency to them.

In summary I would have to say there is value for the money spent. Are there flashier Mexican restaurants out there? Sure there are, but all in all I really think you get a decent value for the money spent. They are worth stopping by and giving a try when you are in the area.

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