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Work With Us

Since the inception of this site in 2010 one of our major goals has been to help brands, be that products or retail establishments, get their information out to their target audience which is our target audience, foodie's. We engage foodie's on so many levels that it naturally drives large amounts of traffic to our site, as well we also utilize our social media platforms to do the same. This truly means that our audience is your audience, let us leverage our resources to help you achieve your goals and become a partner in your success.

Brand Solutions

  • Market Influencer, Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities with

Product Reviews

  • Complimentary product reviews for your targeted audience.

Restaurant Performance Reviews

  • We will be your "secret shopper" and provide you valuable insights into how you are perceived from a customer stand point.

Secret Shopper

  • Let us be your eyes and ears to give you an unvarnished report about your customer service, product representation and brand representation. Reporting to you in detail, highlighting your strengths and pinpointing your weaknesses, will allow you to hone your image and better serve your customers, helping to assure they will become repeat customers and your number one source of referrals. This service works well for restaurants, delicatessens, grocery stores, specialty food retailers etc...

Social Media Influence

  • Facebook
  • Twitter - CLICK HERE to see a list of a few of our followers.

Sponsored Promotions

  • Content creation such as; Flyers, blog articles etc...
  • Giveaway promotions.
  • Informational posts with product placement incorporated.
  • Onsite events such as; web events, coupon blitz's etc...
  • Product posts with product usage incorporated.
  • Promotions that are specifically tailored to fit your goals.


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