Springfield, MO - Thai Peppers Food Review

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Thai Peppers
1411 E Sunshine St
Springfield, MO 65804
Menu: http://places.singleplatform.com/thai-peppers-2/menu

A foodie must stop when in Springfield, Missouri!

Thai Peppers is one of those little places that you could very well drive by and never know you had, but if you do, you will be missing something special.

While we were in Springfield, Missouri at a conference some friends invited us out that evening to what they described as one of the best little Thai places around. I being a lover of all things Thai was an automatic yes.

As you enter, be careful, the door drags. You can tell it has for a long time, the wear on the floor is very evident. Normally I might say something like "It would be nice if the owners took pride in their facility and fixed the issue.". And yes, that could be said, from a practical standpoint it could make it hard for someone, especially if they have limited mobility, to get into the facility.

But at the same token, it also adds a little bit of character to the place. In a way, it is one of those little "things" that you come to anticipate when you go there and if it were fixed, somewhere subconsciously a little voice would be screaming "Something is wrong!!!".

For the appetizers we tried out the Shumai and Thai Spring Rolls. Both were flavorful and the house sauces were good.

My wife was going to order the Asparagus Seafood, but they were out of asparagus, got to ding them a few points on being out of ingredients. Instead she got a broccoli chicken fried rice, the veggies were cooked very well and the rice was as well. But the sauce was too strong for her liking.

I ordered a fisherman's plate that had a selection of various seafood such as scallops, shrimp, squid and mussels. This was a noodle dish that really hit the spot for me, when I ordered it I ordered a 3 out of 5 for heat, having never been here before. That gave the dish a nice little kick but in hindsight I probably would have asked for a 4 instead.

We also ordered a pineapple fried rice which was really great.

For desert though we ordered a mango sticky fried rice, now you want to talk about some true foodie nirvana? This was that in a nutshell. I ended up taking some back to the hotel that night and am glad that I did. Now I have to figure out how to make this myself! This one is a must try when you go there.

Service was ok, for the most part our waitress stayed on top of our table and paid attention to our group.
Overall the facility could probably use a bit of an "update" on the inside and even though I was being whimsical about the door at the start of the review, they really should fix that, it is only a liability to them.

In summary. I would say to get by there if you are in the area and give them a try, based on my visit I will be going back to them for sure.

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