Fayetteville, AR - Pesto Cafe Food Review

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Pesto Cafe
1830 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone number
(479) 582-3330

A great foodie find in NWA. Let my facebook friends know I was heading to Fayetteville, and asked for some suggestions. Considering their suggestion last time I asked was great, I figured they would not steer me wrong again. And I was not disappointed in this suggestion either.

Pesto Cafe is one of those places that if you were to just base your opinion on the exterior of the establishment, you may continue to drive by and never give it a try. And as many foodies have found out, looks can be deceiving. I can honestly say that I have driven by this business many times, going about my daily tasks with my head down. It is a very unobtrusive structure, that just doesn't jump out and yell at the top of its lungs "Stop and try the food!".

The interior of the cafe is very cozy and as the waitress mentioned, eclectic. There is a definite music theme going on here, with many photos of various musicians that have been to their establishment. I found myself wondering around looking over the nicnacs and photos after I ordered my meal.

Due to a tight schedule, I did not have time to try a variety of the menu items but I picked one that I felt would represent the ability of the chef and quality of the product. Their menu is very simple and straight forward offering I would guess about three dozen dishes, and their wine selection and drink menu has ample choices for most any taste. I can tell you first hand that I would much rather be in a dining establishment that has a fewer number of offerings and know how to do them well, than a large and cumbersome offering that they can not execute.

I went for their "Angel by the Sea". Which consisted of sauteed shrimp, scallops, salmon, and bell peppers in a white wine based pink sauce over angel hair pasta. The cost of the dish was $13.50, and came with a simple green salad and bread.

Scallops are easily undercooked or overcooked, and these were just perfect. The shrimp were cooked well as was the salmon. The salmon tasted very fresh and had no hint of that "fishiness" you can get sometimes in this kind of dish. The peppers were cooked perfectly, and the angel hair pasta was great. So all in all, this dish was a winner!

I would strongly suggest this cafe to anyone, take the time to go by there and try their food. The service was good, my waitress stayed on top of my drink. The restrooms were clean, and overall the interior of the establishment was a very "neat" experience. I could have easily spent another hour there just checking out all the photos and decorations.

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