Bentonville, AR - McAlister's Deli Food Review

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McAlister's Deli
900 SE Walton Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone number
(479) 271-6263

Great food, and great service!. I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Matt Sutton who works in sales and marketing for McAlister's. As well as met and talked with the owner Mike Means. Matt had invited me over to check out their location in Bentonville.

Normally I like to do my reviews anonymously, so this was a bit different. But I want to assure our readers that this review is unbiased, and that the score that was given was earned. I have been to their other location in Fayetteville several times before this visit. And my experiences there mirrored my experience on this visit to their Bentonville location.

I spent probably an hour and a half talking to Matt, and it was a great conversation. I got to learn quite a bit about them, as well as trying their food. For those of you that are looking for something that is between a fast food establishment and a fine dining establishment, here is your answer.

You get the speed of service that you are used to in a fast food place, but with a quality of food and attention to detail that you would find in a much higher end dining establishment.

When you walk in, the inside of the building is nice and neat. There are LOTS of decorations through out the establishment, I could have easily spent a couple of hours just checking out all the neat details there. The staff is very courteous, and while I was there I paid attention to how they were serving other customers. They stayed on top of keeping their customers happy and their drinks filled.

On top of that, Mike's floor staff were keeping things nice and tidy. Each time I looked around there was someone cleaning a table, or sweeping up any sort of leftovers that were on the floor. I could tell they took pride in their facility, which was nice to see. A big difference from some places I have gone to, where they just don't seem to care.

I tried their "Choose any two" which is a $5.99 meal, and I will tell you right now there is a huge difference in what you get here for $5.99 versus going to a fast food establishment. A night and day difference.

I picked their "McAlister's Club" and "Spud Max".

Their club sandwich comes with the following; Smoked turkey, hickory ham, apple wood smoked bacon, cheddar, swiss, lettuce and tomatoes. It also has their own McAlister's Honey Mustard, with some lite mayo. Everything on this sandwich was good and fresh, except one component. The tomato was just not real fresh, so that was the only detractor from this sandwich. The lettuce was crisp, the cheese fresh and the meats were superb.

The spud comes with the following; Ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, green onions and black olives with sour cream on the side. And not only was it delicious, it was HUGE. You definitely get your monies worth with this spud.

Watching and listening to the customers around me while I was there, I could tell they were all enjoying themselves. And getting the chance to talk to Matt was great, because he really has a passion for his product. In talking to him I could tell that he prides himself in being part of an establishment that goes above and beyond to make their customers have a great dining experience. When you see that kind of passion in the eyes of dining establishments' employees, you know that the service and quality of food is going to be great.

So for those of you in the area that are looking for a quick lunch at a reasonable price, that also just happens to taste great, look no further. Stop by McAlister's and give them a try, you will find it is not just worth the time, but the money as well.

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