Fayetteville, AR - Red Lobster Food Review

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Red Lobster
3885 N Shiloh Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone number
(479) 442-2317

A great place to go!. Red Lobster has always been one of those places you just love going to, and many people I have spoken to tend to think they are a franchise restaurant chain. Which could lead people to think that Red Lobster might get in a "rut" of "standardization" in regards to their food preparation. So first and foremost for education purposes, Red Lobster is NOT a franchise chain. Each location is company owned and operated. And secondly, each location has certain food quality standards that they must uphold.

When you walk in you are immediately greeted by their staff, and I have never had to wait long for seating. Each section of seating has booths as well as tables. And in addition, there are usually bar areas where you can go sit down and have a quick drink as well as something light to eat if you so choose.

The overall feel of the interior lends itself towards a very nice family meal, as well as the occasional romantic dinner for two. The staff are constantly cleaning and keeping all of the public areas neat and tidy. And those of you who follow my reviews know I am a stickler on cleanliness of areas such as bathrooms, and their bathrooms were spotless.

We started off with just a simple salad, with a red wine vinaigrette dressing.

Lettuce and veg was fresh, no complaints. Very straight forward.

Sometimes simple can be good!

And who can say no to those wonderful little cheesy gems known as cheddar biscuits?

The answer is simple, no one! I love these little guys, and could sit down and eat them by the ton.

Who knows, one of these days Red Lobster might share their recipe. Most likely not, but one can wish!

Their 14oz New York Strip comes smothered in a white sauce that has bits of lobster and shrimp, along with asparagus. The steak was cooked to perfection! We asked for it to be medium, and it was medium.

When we got this dish though, all it had was asparagus stems, there were no spears. I informed our server Ashley and she let the chef know we were not pleased. And without asking, within about 4 minutes she brought out some additional asparagus for us. Great marks for service!

We also ordered the stuffed flounder, and I have to tell you it was spot on. Cooked well, and seasoned perfectly.

It also came with bay scallops, which are nice little sweet scallops. Also a classic shrimp scampi, which was also cooked and seasoned well. And I opted for the langostino mashed potatoes which were great.

Overall a very good dish, that I would order again!

During our visit there our waitress Ashley stayed on top of our table, clearing away the items that needed to be cleared away and keeping our drinks filled. There was only one time I had to wait a bit longer than normal for my drink to be refilled, but that was when she was taking care of the asparagus issue for us. So I can not ding her for that at all.

What impressed me the most was that I intentionally made mention of the issue with the asparagus in a very light hearted fashion, just to see how they would handle the issue. One of the hallmarks of a truly above average restaurant is in how they handle customer complaints, especially valid complaints. And I purposely did not ask for any additional asparagus, all I did was ask her to make sure to mention it to the chef.

So when she brought out the dish of asparagus, I was very impressed. What this showed me is that the wait staff listen to their customers, and more importantly they are willing to communicate to the kitchen staff any issues that come up. And in addition, the kitchen staff not only listen but act upon that information.

When a restaurants front of house does not communicate with the back of house, the customers are the ones that suffer. And that is not the case here. They work as a well oiled machine that puts their customers first. And it is that determination and desire to set the standards high that separates this Red Lobster staff from all of those other mediocre dining establishments.

In summary I would have to simply say that this is a restaurant that I would highly recommend to any of my viewers. You will get great service, and very good food, all for the right price!

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