Springdale, AR - Jade China Restaurant Food Review

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Jade China Restaurant
1046 W Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR 72764
Phone number
(479) 751-3112

Part time sushi.

I went by there today because I was in Springdale, and it had been quite awhile since I had stopped by there to eat.It was just a bit after 3pm, I asked the hostess what time dinner started, and she told me 4:30pm.

As any of you who follow my reviews know, I love sushi. I never was overly impressed with their sushi offerings, but I have had much worse, and it was "ok" from my recollections.

I head right over to the sushi area (they advertise as a buffet that has "sushi") and it is very meager, I end up taking a couple or three pieces. As the hostess is passing by me, I ask her if they are going to be putting out any more. She informs me that they stop making it at 3pm.Going by what she said, that must mean they stop all together?? Not sure really.

But because that is something that I end up wanting, I handed her the plate and told her I would be going elsewhere.I wonder if maybe the person that makes the sushi was on break, not sure really, because all I got from her was "we stop doing sushi at 3pm".

One of my pet peeves is when a buffet no longer offers, or conditions, what it advertises as part of their buffet.

Either offer it, or do not offer it. So anyway, I was more than a bit let down.... :(

And the interior leaves a lot to be desired. Dirty, dirty. Dirt on the shelves above the food service areas of the buffet. The walls and seating areas of the booths were also very dirty, it was kind of like none of the staff or management really took time to look over their facility on a regular basis and do any cleaning, much of the dirtiness you could tell had been there for some time, this didn't just happen overnight. And the bathrooms were horrible as well.

As of the writing of this review, it will be the last time I step foot in there.

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