Siloam Springs, AR - Fratelli's Wood Fired Pizzeria Food Review

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A must try when you are in Siloam Springs. I have personally not had the opportunity to travel to Italy, perhaps one day I may be able to do so. I would love to wonder the streets of Rome and Florence, and perhaps take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Not to mention see the beautiful countryside that makes up Sicily and Abuzzo. And the food, ohhh yes then there is the food!

I have had the opportunity to go to several Italian restaurants and pizzerias, and sometimes you just really wonder where they come up with their ideas of what true Italian food is and tastes like. I could swear at times the sauces came right out of a jar!

Well today I was in Siloam Springs with my wife and decided to see what was in the downtown area that I had not noticed before or that might be new. And I came across Fratelli's Wood-Fired Pizzeria. And from the outside it looks quite charming, it even has a couple of tables outside on the walk way. Very inviting indeed.

I know what several of you are thinking. Can there really be a good "Italian Pizzeria" nestled here in NWA that really knows how to cook good Italian style pizza? After all, we are in NWA, we are not in Italy.

Guess what folks? Yes, there can be. And this little pizzeria will surprise you, and it is going to be a pleasant surprise indeed.

When you walk in, the interior is very welcoming. It is small, but not too cramped. They have made good use out of the space available. I believe the seating capacity is around 30 or so people. Usually when you are in a smaller establishment like this, their service is good as they are not spread too thin. And that was the case today, our service was very good.

They have a decent selection of pizzas, with a build your own option. Also they have a good selection of salads, desserts and beverages to choose from. The menu is not overly complicated and overwhelming which is nice.
Fratelli's Wood Fired Pizzeria
118 S Broadway, Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone number
(479) 524-0766

We chose the Capricciosa pizza which consists of; black olives, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and prosciutto. All of their dough is made from scratch and hand tossed, none of that bought in stuff you could spackle a wall with.

When we got our pizza it was cooked perfectly and the sauce was delicious. This size pizza is enough for two average people, it worked out to about eight slices if my memory serves me correctly. And they have no issue with doing custom orders, as we had the black olives only on half of the pizza. My wife hates black olives, while I on the other hand have been known to crack open a jar of them to snack on instead of a candy bar.

We also tried one of their Italian Soda's which is made with seltzer water, ice and a splash of flavored syrup. We chose the English toffee flavor and it was excellent. In addition we had one of their Gelatos (Italian Ice Cream). We chose the mascarpone caramel pistachio flavor. And this was a hit! A definite must have when you go there.

I had the chance to talk to Tom, one of the owners and the Chef. You can tell he has passion for good food, and fresh ingredients. His partner in the business is back in Italy for a while. They have been in business at this location since October of 2009.

Now for those of you that noticed this was not a perfect 10 out of 10 there are a couple of reasons for that score. When I visited their bathroom, it was a bit on the messy side. It was not the worst I have been in by any means, but the garbage was full, there were some tissues on the floor and in general just needed a nice cleaning. So they got dinged a few points there. And at the end of the hall there were a bunch of boxes as well as other odds and ends strewn around. Otherwise it would have been a perfect score. And it will not effect my decision on going back there.

I will definitely be going back there when I am in Siloam Springs again, and would strongly suggest my viewers try them out. Siloam Springs is only a 30 minute drive from Springdale give or take, and it will be well worth the trip some weekend. Definitely money well spent there today.

All together we spent around $14 for a lunch for two, which is an incredible price. And the quality of the food really makes the other pizza places pale in comparison. Why anyone would want to go to a fast food style pizza place when Fratelli's Wood-Fired Pizzeria is available, would just utterly confuse me. Take the time to try them out you will be glad you did.

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