Rogers, AR - Havana Tropical Grill Food Review

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Havana Tropical Grill
1207 West Walnut Street, Rogers, AR 72756
Phone number
(479) 899-6334
Table booking recommended

As always, great food!. I got the chance to stop by their new location in Rogers fairly recently, and I have to say I really like their new place a lot!

They can seat probably twice as many customers, and they are planning on getting their hard liquor license soon.

I added some photos to Urban Spoon of their new location, and I have more on my site.

On this recent visit I tried out one of their Tilapia entree's. And it was cooked to perfection! And the coconut rice was a great addition.

The other item I tried was one of their Cuban Tamale's. This tamale is filled with minced pork and made from fresh ground corn. I could eat plate after plate of these!

In addition, I tried out one of my favorite desserts, which is Tres Leches. And theirs was also spot on!

Stop by our website and check out our updated review of their location, along with all the photos we have up of their offerings in our photo gallery.

-----15 Aug, 2011-----
Great cuban food in NWA? Ohh yes!!!. Havana Tropical Grill is one of the new guys on the block, they opened around October 2010. They seat around 45 people I would guess. Junior and Ricardo are partners in the business and I can tell you they do have a desire to provide the best quality food and service, at a reasonable price.

There is a significant influence from Juniors life growing up in Miami, which has a huge Cuban influence in the culinary scene. This is the type of food that courses through his veins. Some of you may be afraid that the food served here may be on the spicy side, and while it is true that you can order some hot and spicy dishes, the majority of their dishes are seasoned well but will not melt your tongue. So do not let that scare you, when you go there you are going to find several favorites.

The inside of the restaurant is a small and cozy setting. With this being a new operation, they are still working on a few things inside, and have some plans for further build out on the interior.

Seating is not "stuffy" by any means, lots of nice room. They currently seat around 45 or so people I would guess.

As I mentioned, the interior of the restaurant is a work in progress. There are plans for a bar area as well down the road.

There were only some minor issues in regards to cleanliness, nothing major by any means. Just little bits here and there, and such...

And with their staff being so new, they are still working on getting into the "groove" of things. I can tell you first hand though that Junior and Ricardo have pride in their facility and every day represents a new opportunity for them to "step it up a notch", and that is what they are doing!

They offer a couple of canned drinks at their location that most people have probably not tried before.

My favorite was the Jupina Pineapple soda.

The Materva Yerbe Mate soda is also good, it has a flavor somewhat similar to a cream soda.

Give them a try when you go there.

One of the kids meals we tried was the chicken nuggets with fries. The nuggets are bought in, but don't let that stop you from ordering them for your kids.

They are a nice quality nugget, and the portion size is very good.

The other kids meal we tried was the grilled ham and cheese sandwich, with fries.

This one was a hit, and again the portion size was very good. You get your monies worth when you order this dish.

We also tried a side order of fried yuca with an aioli sauce. Yuca is also known as cassava, and is a delicious root vegetable.

This is a true Cuban favorite, and a must try when you go there.

For our appetizer we tried the tropical stuffed plantains, also known as tostones rellenos.

These were spot on,and the seasoning was just right.

If you like plantains, then this is a dish you will want to try!

For one of our mains we tried their steak with fries and avocado. Steak fillet sauteed with fresh onions, peppers and tomatoes. Served alongside sliced avocado and steak fries.

The meat was seasoned perfectly, and was moist and tender. Great dish!

And for our other main we tried the pork shoulder with congri. Congri is a tasteful blend of black beans, rice, onions and ham.

The pork was cooked perfectly and the seasoning was spot on. This is another must try when you go there.

In summary I would highly suggest trying out this restaurant. The food that we tried was spot on, and had such a rich and vibrant taste. The portion sizes are very good for the money spent, so the value is definitely there. And you will find the staff friendly and attentive to your needs while you are there.

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