Prairie Grove, AR - Tooley's Barbecue & More Food Review

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Tooley's Barbecue & More
505 E Douglas Street, Prairie Grove, AR 72753
Phone number
(479) 267-3663

Great Little Foodie Gem. Cajun Cookers is a fairly new establishment located in Elkins, Arkansas. One thing I can tell you is that there has been a fairly good buzz in the NWA foodie community about them. I have had several of my viewers suggest that I should go by there and do a review, and I finally got the chance to get by there the other day. And it was well worth the drive.

When I was there you could tell that the staff and patrons knew each other well, it is one of those places where you walk into and they know you by first name. This is the kind of atmosphere that makes these "mom and pop" type establishments the kind of place you just love going back to over and over.

Their menu is very straight forward and not overly complicated. Which is nice, because they focus on doing a manageable amount of items, and doing them well.

Some of their homemade sides include; BBQ Beans, Jambalaya, Gumbo and fresh cooked chips.

The interior is very inviting, and roomy. The tables are not crowded together.

In addition you will find some really nice nic nacs for sale there, as well as some antique furniture. The owner has been mindful in keeping it from being cluttered.

Kind of gives it that "Cracker Barrel" feel in a way.

I got the chance to sit down and talk to Kim the owner, and I got the feeling right off the bat that she really cares for her restaurant, staff and customers a lot. It is nice to see that kind of "heart" being put into an establishment, having that level of commitment to her business will help assure its future success.

When you step into their establishment you are immediately greeted by not only the staff, but this wonderful aroma of smoked goodies. And it is those smells that let your brain know your taste buds are in for the ride of their life. After placing my order I got the chance to check out some of the rest of the restaurant. Overall, everything was nice and clean, and the restrooms were also clean.

A close up of the ribs shows a slow smoked dry rub that added such a wonderful flavor to the meat.

The meat was moist and tender, and infused with such smoky goodness! The meat released easily from the bone, finding its proper home in my stomach.

Definitely some very good ribs, and worth the money.

I also gave their bacon wrapped smoked chicken a try, and I am so glad I did!

The chicken was very tender, and the smoking was perfect. It infused through out the chicken, and gave it a really great taste.

Another one of those must try's when you go there!

The gumbo was very good, it was probably my favorite side out of all of the ones I tried that day.

Very hearty, well seasoned and it had lots of "chunks" of foodie goodness. If you like a good gumbo, make sure to give theirs a try.

You can really tell that this one is made from scratch, no bought in stuff here!

I also tried their Jambalaya, which is another one of their sides that are made from scratch.

Again, you can taste the difference in a made from scratch side like this, versus something that is bought in and dropped into a warming dish.

This was good and one that I would say to give a try if you are a jambalaya lover.

The potato chips are previously frozen (uncooked), and then cooked to order.

So when they come out to you, they have this wonderful taste to them. I will be honest and tell you I was a little skeptical at first when I heard they were previously frozen and then cooked.

But I have to admit to you they were great!

For dessert I tried two of their pies, the first being this Peanut Butter pie, that has a oreo cookie crust and crumble on top, drizzled in chocolaty goodness!

If only the internet had taste-o-vision, because a picture really does not do justice to this dessert.

All I can say is that you better put this one on your list to try when you go there. Yummm!

The other dessert I tried was a slice of their banana and pecan pie.

I have had this combination before, but not quite like this. And I have to tell you this was great.

All of their pies are made from scratch, and you can definitely taste that difference.

Very good and also a must try!

I also had to share this shot I took of inside their smoker. Two large rotisseries filled with meaty goodness, smoking the day away.

There is no better smell to have in your clothes, than that of smoked meats!

For a foodie, that is the cologne and perfume of choice!

In summary I have to say I am so glad that I took the time to get by their place in Elkins. It may be a bit out of your way, but so many little foodie gems are, and this is definitely one of those foodie gems that are well worth the drive. From Fayetteville it is only a 20 to 25 minute drive I would guess.

You will find the staff welcoming, the establishment clean and neat, and most importantly the food yummy! All those factors are what lead me to being able to say without a doubt, that this should be put on your list of "got to try" restaurants.

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