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Simple Simon's Pizza
Hwy 412 & 10, Kansas, OK 74347
Phone number
(918) 868-2985

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I have not been back into their location as far as a sit down meal since my last review of their establishment, so I really can not speak to the level of customer service and if it has gotten better over time.

We get their pizzas and chicken wings to go on a normal basis and have no complaints about either.

The pizzas are handmade and taste good, not sure if the pizza dough is made from scratch or bought in but they taste good to me so no complaints at all. Their chicken wings you can tell are a bought in product, but again, they are actually good. I prefer the spicy wings but their traditional BBQ wings are good as well.

Customer Service? I don't think they have heard of it..... So, I went there today and got one of their sub sandwich specials. Asked for onion and tomato to be added, they did it. Got it to go. It was really good and the price was good as well.

As for the facility, DIRTY is the big word that comes to mind. And when you look up, there are some of the nastiest ceiling tiles you have ever seen. Maybe they don't own the facility and the landlord will not fix leaks, who knows.. But, a cost of doing business is upkeep, and either they are so cheap they won't or the owner of the business and their staff just DONT care. They are ok with taking money from their customers, but can not spend $4.00 each tile, at a big box home improvement store? To give their customers what they deserve? Really?

While I was waiting there though, the lady that had helped me was interacting with a young man that wanted to get the cue ball and some chalk for their pool tables (they have a game room there for folks). And to be honest, she was really pretty rude to him.

She explained to him in a very short/snippy manor that she needed either $5 or his ID. And I understand why, as she explained to him that it was because so many have been stolen. Again, understandable.

But, it was the way she was interacting with him that bothered me. It was rude, plain and simple.

Here is my issue, if you are going to have a game room, you are going to have younger folks there using it. To me, it seemed like she would treat most youngsters this way. Well, if you don't like the younger crowd there, then don't cater to them with a game room. Or are they only good enough to take their money? To me it felt that way.

Just a little bit ago I decided to treat my son and myself to a pizza while we were in my shop working on stuff. So I called up there to order one of their 2pm to 4pm specials.

Asked them if I could order it and come pick it up.

The lady I talked to, and I don't know if it was the same one or not, in length decided to inform me that no she would not take the order even though I assured her I was only a few minutes away. I was calling her at like 7 to 8 minutes till 4pm, so yes, it was cutting it close.

But she said she would not even place the order, as it had to be paid prior to 4pm. Otherwise if it was even a few minutes after 4pm, it would not be on special.

And she just kept on and on about it, very argumentative. Finally I just told her to forget it and that she didn't need to worry about me ever stepping foot in her place ever again and spending any money with them. And she just kept on and on about how it was the rules and that she just couldn't etc... I finally ended up just hanging up on her while she was going on and on about it.

So, what would it have cost her to say "If you are 2 or 3 minutes past 4pm, no worries"? I will tell you, nothing. Maybe this person is an employee there and feel their job is at stake if they did something like that, I don't know. If that is the case, then shame on the owner for instilling that kind of mentality. Had she actually said something like that to me, she would have helped solidify gaining a loyal customer.

Instead, saying basically "I don't care enough about my customers to let you slide 1 or 2 or 3 minutes. And I am going to send a message to you right here and now, letting you know I am setting the tone of It is what It is!".

So what did that do for her instead? 1. I will never step foot back in their establishment again, period. 2. I will tell everyone I know, avoid them like the plague.

Kansas, OK is a very small town. But people have options. If you are going to be rude to someone, you are going to get burned. But it almost feels like she is making decent enough money there off of her customers, and could care less about if one or two like her or her attitude. Take it or leave it! That is what I get from her.

So, maybe they will be there for MANY MANY more years to come. Who knows. But it won't be because of my money. You can have the best food in the world, but if you treat people like crap, you will loose business. And I doubt seriously she gets that concept.

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