Fayetteville, AR - Mariachi's Grill & Cantina Food Review

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Mariachi's Grill & Cantina
4201 N Shiloh Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone number
(479) 718-0002

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Service, service, service.

Those are probably the three most important words in the restaurant world. Where to start? Let us begin with the interior of the restaurant. It was clean and kept well, that is the definite plus. It is located in the mall and I would think that they would have been a bit busier each of the times I have been there, but I will not complain about a choice in seating.

I have been there several times over the years they have been there which I think is about five years if I recall correctly. A few of the times though I have had issue with being able to communicate efficiently with the staff for them to get my orders right. I do not speak spanish, or what I know is not really sufficient to hold a conversation or even place an order.

So making sure that they have wait staff that can understand their customers orders would really help a lot. And staying attentive would be nice. When I am the only one or one of say four other tables in the restaurant, if my drink gets empty, there is an issue.

On to the food. I have sampled many of their dishes and while I can not say that any of them have been bad to the point of having to send them back, I really can not say that they have given me one of those "food moments" that we foodies strive to get.

One of the staples of a good Mexican or Tex / Mex restaurant is their salsa and refried beans. I actually question if either of these two are made from scratch they were so underwhelming.

So in summary, I would say if you are at the Mall, give them a try. But not sure they would be worth the drive across town to get to. And that is a shame, they have a LOT of potential there to do more than just "get by".

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