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The Bar-B-Q Place
3542 E Huntsville Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone number
(479) 301-2500

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When I first met Gary he was working out of his food truck/trailer in the parking lot of his parents convenience / video store. A very unassuming location for a foodie to find something special.

Now that he has a fixed location you might think things have changed for him, but in regards to the quality of food he puts out, it has not.I can sit down and eat a whole rack of ribs all by myself. Trust me, you do not want to be with ten feet of me when that happens, it is not pretty! His rub is perfect and the cook on the ribs is "just right". They fall apart the way they should and the meat gets that perfect flavor from the smoking he does.I say this many times, food is a labor of love. Well, Gary has the love!

And he even engages his local community by giving back to a local school, helping them out with a portion of the sales during certain days. Now that speaks to his commitment to not only the food but the community around him.So, on your to do list is; babyback ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches, homemade banana pudding and his bbq baked beans. These are all winners in my book!In summary, go by and give him a try. It will be worth your time and your gasoline, unless you are driving a hybrid vehicle, then it will be worth the electric!!


This place was suggested to me by my FB friends who know I have two real weaknesses, which is really good BBQ and of course sushi. I heard some really good things about them, and that speaks volumes when it's coming from so many others. And was then invited to come out by the owner, so I decided I would go out and give them a try and see what all the hype was about and if they could live up to the stories being told.Personally I love these little roadside type vendors that you find tucked away, these can be some of those "food gems" I refer to so often. On the drive over I was really hoping this would be one of those little gems.

I think what I like so much about small establishments is that so many times they are more "personable" than your large chain style eating establishments. Many times you get to know the owner(s) on a first name basis and get the sense that they really do appreciate your business.When you are looking for them and are heading down Huntsville Rd from say Fayetteville, they will be on the left side in the parking lot for Bikers Edge / Lucky Star Video.

When I got there I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner Gary Alderson. And not to cut to the spoiler, but I can tell you this man has a passion for food and providing quality food to his patrons. I spoke to a couple of the patrons that showed up while I was there, and the consensus was the same, great food!This is his fifth season doing this, and operates his business three days a week which are Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Their hours of operation are 11am to 8pm. Keep an eye on his FB account as he does run specials upon occasion.

Gary also does catering all year round, so if you are looking for some great bbq for your next event give him a call. This was something that he started as a hobby, but soon found that it had grown to a serious business venture. Friends and family were drawn like moths to the flame every time he fired up his bbq pit, and soon he knew he was onto something pretty special. And sure enough it has gone from something that he did at home, to a serious business that has a serious customer following. This is what America is about, someone living their dream.

Now a quick side note, as I like to also promote folks that give back to the community. Every Thursday is Happy Hollow Day. Gary donates 10% of all sales that day to the Happy Hollow Fund which helps with their continuing education efforts. They just started at the end of last school year, and so far have been able to donate $500 to $600 which is great. So please, make sure to stop by there on a Thursday, not only will you get some great BBQ, but you will be helping a great cause!Now lets get to the meat and tater's of the review, the food! After having spent a good amount of time with Gary I can tell you that he is about quality and consistency, which are two very important factors in food. If those ribs are not just as good tomorrow as they were yesterday, why would you go back? And for him, that's an important factor.

His ribs were cooked perfectly, the dry rub he uses on these ribs is wonderful. They were very moist throughout the meat, but not so over cooked as to have the rib meat falling off the bone just from normal handling.Plenty of meat on the bones, and cooked to perfection! Next I tried the pulled pork as well as the brisket. And I can tell you first hand, cooking a really good brisket is not as easy as you might think. Well Gary nailed it on both of these items. My favorite of the two was the brisket.

Again, his seasonings were spot on, the meat was cooked just the right amount of time, my only complaint was wanting more!!! Now, onto the sides! Gary does make his coleslaw from scratch, and I have to tell you it tastes great. The cut is a bit larger than most, which I actually personally prefer over the small cut coleslaw.The beans start from a bought in, but are adapted and customized by Gary, and they taste very good.The potato salad is a bought in, and had a decent enough taste that I would definitely eat it again.

The thing I like so much about the meats he prepares, is that he does not over sauce them. His beliefs are much like mine in that I tend to worry when I go somewhere to try their food and they are way over sauced. It really makes you wonder what they are trying to hide? Gary lets his meats do the talking, as well as that perfect rub he has!

So in summary, I would highly suggest this place to my readers. If you like quality bbq, this is a definite to put on your list of places to try out. You will also find that their prices are very reasonable and comparable to most of the other BBQ places out there.

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