Siloam Springs, AR - Hawg City Grill Food Review

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Hawg City Grill, a great bar maybe, but not a great grill.

1004 S Mt Olive Street, Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone number
(479) 238-0289

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When we first arrived, it took awhile for our eyes to adjust, it was so dark in there. The interior is dark and really uninviting overall. They have a bar and a "food area", and I call it a food area because to be honest, it feels like the food and family "feel" takes a second seat to the bar feel. TV's are scattered around.

Service is a key component to any wining formula in business, and for a restaurant / grill it is that component along with the actual food offerings and execution of those offerings, that will dictate the success of that food venue.

And for these folks, it struck out in both areas.

First, the service. The waitress was dismissive and rude, showing no care and concern for her customers. And I am talking about not just the two of us that were there that day, but also a table that was sitting back behind me.

I had questions in regards to what was cooked from scratch and what was bought in, and you would think that I was a dentist getting ready to pull her teeth. Pretty much what I could pry out of her was the vast majority of the fried selections were bought in as well as the sides.

The folks behind me had dietary questions, sounded lactose related etc... And the same thing happened, the attitude she gave them you would think she was in immense pain trying to provide answers to her customers.

And their sense of timing was really off, the main showed up only a few minutes after the appetizer. Which made us stop eating our appetizer.

One thing that I noticed is that the guys sitting at the bar seemed to get better assistance than the folks in the dining area.

Second, the food. Bland. That is the best word that fits all of what we tried.

She had stated that the beans were from scratch, but to be honest I tend to doubt it. They tasted like a decent canned bean, that had been "kicked up" a bit.

The sauces were supposed to be from scratch also. So I tried their "Singapore" sauce for the wings I ordered. Not impressed by any means.

The blooming onion tasted ok, but when you look at the photos, you will see this little itty bitty sauce cup. That was supposed to be enough for that whole onion? When I asked about another cup, it was an extra $.50 cents. Same little size.

The meats were a bit on the dry side but more importantly lacked any flavor.

In summary: To me, Hawg City feels like it is a bar trying to offer food as a second thought. Nothing really impressed me there in regards to their food offerings. The only thing going for them really is that they are one of a handful of food offerings in a small town. But once they no longer have a "captured" market, I wonder how long they will last?

Their service is so lack luster it is a joke really. The staff does not take pride in "great customer service" and I have seen the same mentioned in other reviews of their place.

There has to be consistency in two areas for a restaurant to succeed. Food and customer service. And they show no consistency in either area.

I can not recommend this food establishment to my readers. In fact, I usually try to go back again to a place where I have had a bad experience, just to give them another shot, but with these folks, that is a no go.

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