Banjo's BBQ - Food Review

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Banjos BBQ - Food Review

Monday, June 8th, 2013
frank elder
By Frank Elder of NowThatsCookin.Com

(This is an updated review, the original review was written May 2011)

Located: 2125 E. Main St, Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Need directions? CLICK HERE

Chef: Mark Smithson

Type of dining experience: Casual / BBQ

Their web site:


Menu: (make sure to call to check accuracy of pricing and availability)

Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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I first met Mark, the owner of Banjos BBQ back in March of 2011, one of my facebook friends had told me that I needed to go by and check him out. To think that it has been over two years now, it is amazing just how much time flies. A month or two ago I had driven by where he was originally in Gentry, Arkansas, and he was no longer at that location. I was afraid at the time he had gone out of business, and this really tore at my foodie heart, because I had fallen in love with Banjos.

Just recently I was traveling through Siloam Springs, Arkansas and came across his new location in the Ravenwood Shopping Center. And talk about bringing a smile to this old foodie's face!

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Here are just a few shots of some of the food offerings that you will find at Banjo's BBQ

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Mark started up Banjo's in November of 2010. He has made a name for himself by offering us Northwest Arkansas foodie's some really good BBQ as well as other offerings. His new location seats I would imagine somewhere around 125 people total, as he recently expanded. They offer a salad bar as well as their regular menu offerings. On the menu it says "Best Kept Secret in Siloam". And it is kind of true because of their location. From the highway they really can not be seen, due to the placement of the shopping center. But trust me folks, this is one you want to take some time to find!

What I really like is that their menu is not muddled, it is straight forward and filled with a lot of really good offerings. In addition, you can purchase his smoked meats by the pound and the ribs by the full rack or half rack. And if you are into chicken, you really need to try his smoked chicken. They offer good solid food at a reasonable price with nice sized portions.

Their new facility is nice and roomy. Seating is not too close together, and it is very family friendly. The staff is comprised of a lot of his family, and those that are not "blood related" have stated they feel like family there. And that really does translate into some great customer service. As a customer you feel welcomed and never rushed. The bathrooms are very clean.

My suggestion would be to try out a selection of their smoked meats, and of course their ribs. The smoked chicken is also very good. Not all of the sides are from scratch, but a large majority of them are such as their coleslaw, and it is really good! I also tried their deep fried corn on the cob, yes you heard me correct, the corn on the cob is deep fried! Now you are talking my speak! It was good! They also make their chili from scratch, and it too is really good. And their pies are also made from scratch!

I have not tried every offering on their menu yet, but what I have tried I have liked. And what I can tell you first hand is that the quality control standards are there, they do not allow a plate to come out that isn't ready.


In summary: Go give them a try! You will not be disappointed!





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Will be in Siloam this weekend and will have to stop by and try them out.

By Anastasia

I can honestly say I have never tried deep fried corn, now I will!!

By FoodiesRule
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Will have to get by there next time im in Siloam

By Garlic is good


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