Cafe Rue Orleans - Food Review

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Cafe Rue Orleans - Food Review

Monday, June 4th, 2013
frank elder
By Frank Elder of NowThatsCookin.Com

cafe rue orleans

Located: 1150 N. College Ave, Fayetteville, AR. 72703
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Executive Chef: Maudie Schmitt

Type of dining experience: Casual / Family Dining

Their web site:

Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 9:00 pmSun: 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

This is our updated review.
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There are a lot of restaurants that profess to not only cook great food but to know what we foodie's want so desperately, which is top notch service in conjunction with that afore mentioned great food. The problem is that many of those self professed culinary wonders leave something to be desired, coming up short in one area or another and leaving us foodies with an empty stomach.

Well, I have to say that Maudie has hit the nail on the head. Cafe Rue Orleans is one of those little foodie gems that could be easily overlooked. In fact, if I had to be honest with everyone I would have to admit I had driven by there numerous times without noticing them when I first came to the Fayetteville area. Cafe Rue Orleans will celebrate its 12th year in business come January 2013. That in its own speaks volumes towards Maudie's commitment to her restaurant and her customers. With so many restaurants coming and going, you know they have a winning recipe there!

cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans
Here are just a few shots of some of the food offerings that you will find at Cafe Rue Orleans.

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cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans
cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans cafe rue orleans

I find the cafe to be cozy and very inviting. Seating is probably somewhere around 70 people. It is the kind of place you could find yourself spending a couple of hours just visiting with your friends and enjoying some great food. The term "foodie nirvana" comes to mind. If there was one area I would suggest that they could use some improvement, that would be going that "extra step" in their cleaning and making sure to hit things like the blinds/window sills area. Some people might look at little things like that and ding them hard. Now, it has been a little awhile since I have been there. So this may very well of changed. All in all, I think it is a great place for a casual meeting with your friends or an intimate get together with your significant other!

I have tried out numerous offerings from them over the past few years and will do my best to aptly describe several of the offerings I have tried.

If you are into crawfish, the crawfish duo is a must try. Plated with 1/2 crawfish etouffee and 1/2 fried crawfish tails, you just cant go wrong. The etouffee was perfect, and when I say perfect, I do mean perfect. It really captured the taste of New Orleans right there on that dish. And the fried crawfish tails were the icing on the cake, my only complaint was I wanted more.

The Shrimp Pontchartrain is to die for. Dressed in Tasso cream sauce and served with herbs over pasta, this dish not only hits the spot, it obliterates the spot. The pasta was cooked to perfection, and yes I know I now have used the word perfection several times. Well, that is going to be an ongoing theme in this particular review.

If you like red beans and rice, look no further. The red beans and rice you get at Cafe Rue Orleans will have you coming back for more. Excellently seasoned and though this is a "simple" dish, it can be done wrong. This was not one of those times, it was spot on. And again made me want more when I was finished.

Anyone that knows me knows that artichokes are my kryptonite. A poorly prepared artichoke can send me to the depths of food hell, or a perfectly prepared artichoke can raise me up and keep me on cloud nine for a long time. And the fried artichoke quarters were a success. I was on cloud nine to say the least. They came with a tomato tarter sauce that was just perfect, and yes I know that "p" word snuck in again, I just can't seem to help myself.

I love a good bisque, and here again is another winner that Cafe Rue Orleans offers. So make sure to take the time to try out their crawfish corn bisque, you will glad you did. This bisque had just the right seasonings, and plenty of wonderful crawfish.

By the way, have I mentioned I love crawfish? When they get their seasonal shipments of crawfish, and do their crawfish boils, you had better get there early! Otherwise you risk them running out, because people come in droves for them.

Also, if you are into oysters on the half shell then you need to get by there when they are in season. They serve those and some of their other offerings in the Avenue Seafood Bar that is located just below Cafe Rue Orleans (same building, same owner). Generally they serve these items on the weekend evenings, so watch for announcements on their facebook page.

Alligator bites! I love me some alligator bites and I have had some down right bad ones at other restaurants, but everyone that I have personally had from Cafe Rue Orleans have always been good. Large and juicy. Where so many places go wrong is when they make the bites too small and then they are overcooked. The ones you will find here are really nice and juicy. Now with that said, I heard recently that they have a new cook and someone I know had issues with the alligator bites they got.

So this brings me to another aspect, and that is customer service. I have only had a couple of offerings that I had to return, as did the individual I just spoke of. And each time those issues were taken care of by management. That speaks volumes to the level of customer service they are willing to provide. Sometimes we foodie's forget that the wait staff and back of house staff are human, just like us. Which means that mistakes will happen. The most important thing is how the restaurant handles those mistakes, and I can tell you from years of experience with this restaurant, they will take care of you. And if I can say that I have only had to send back a couple of dishes over a several year period, well, that again speaks volumes to their quality control standards.

And now on to dessert. For those of you who love a really good bread pudding, you will love this twist. You have got to try the white chocolate bread pudding, it is just heavenly and I guarantee you are going to want more and more. I could have polished off two or three of these easily. And another must try is the creme brulee, the custard was cooked to perfection.

In regards to over all value, you will find that the value is there, the portions are nicely sized while the pricing is not extravagant. You can tell they take pride in the quality of their product, and their service is top notch.

This is a must try for those of you that are in the mood for some authentic New Orleans style cooking. Once you try them out, you will keep going back. And don't forget they have the Avenue Seafood Bar below!


In summary: They are well worth your time and money to go by and give them a try!





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I take my kids there off and on, and have to agree with your review for the most part. Love the food. Customer service though is spotty. And could use a good deep cleaning. Their gator bites are a fav!

By Anastasia


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