Penguin Eds Restaurant Review - Fayetteville, Arkansas - Wedington and Mission locations

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Penguin Eds Restaurant Review - Fayetteville, Arkansas - Wedington and Mission locations

penguin eds exterior shot on mission st
(This is a shot of their Mission Street location)

Penguin Ed’s West

6347 W Wedington Dr
(479) 251-7429

Mon-Sat 10:30-9:00
Sun 10:30-8:00

Penguin Ed’s on Mission

2773 E Mission Blvd
(479) 587-8646

Free WiFi

Sunday 10:30-8:30
Mon-Sat 10:30-9:00

Note: I have combined the review for their two locations, the one on Mission
Blvd and the other location on Wedington.

penguin eds interior fayetteville arkansas ar nwark nwapenguin eds interior fayetteville arkansas ar nwark nwa

penguin eds interior fayetteville arkansas ar nwark nwapenguin eds interior fayetteville arkansas ar nwark nwa


In regards to both of their locations, overall they are both kept clean and are
inviting. The feel is very "eclectic" in regards to all of the wall hangings and
the penguin memorabilia. A person could literally spend hours upon hours
between the two locations, checking out all of the neat stuff.

The Mission Blvd location will seat approximately 125 people, with three
separate areas. They also have an "enclosed" area, that partitions off with a
set of sliding doors, which would be good for a group of say around 45
people. Party? Business get together? It should accommodate either.

They also have another area of booth seating, that has an actual chalk board
attached to the wall, which gives kids something really fun to do. Or, if you
are a big kid, lets you explore your "inner foodie artist".

In regards to the seating capacity of the Wedington location, I am not 100%
sure. But if I were to guess, I would say that they can seat around 100 or
so people. They also have a seating area that is off from the main, which
is good for groups or parties. In fact, there is a weekly poker game I go to
there, and they use this area to host the tournament.

Restrooms at both locations have always been clean. And those of you who
follow my reviews, know I ding restaurants hard when the cleanliness level
is not what it should be.

Both locations are family friendly, and I am also pretty sure that each are
wheelchair accessible.



On to the most important part, the food. I have not tried every single offering
from them, but what I can tell you is that I have enjoyed all but one of the
many that I have
tried so far.

The one item I did not like were the chicken wings. I ordered them without
and they were bland. No real seasoning at all, which means they were
relying on the sauce to give all the flavor. Now I will say, when I told them
that I did not like them, they replaced them for me with something else at
no charge.

penguin eds mushroom burgerpenguin eds steak sandwich fayetteville arkansas ar

I have had their mushroom burgers several times. And I have to say, that it
is highly doubtful that I will become a "vegetarian" anytime soon, but
offering from their vegetarian section has won me over. It is made with
Shitake mushrooms, that are meaty, meaty and did I happen to mention that
they are meaty?

Another of my favorites is their steak burger. This burger is just all around
great. So if you find you have a need to feed your inner carnivore, this should
be one of your top picks.

penguin eds fayetteville arkansas ar smoked corn chowderpenguin eds fayetteville arkansas whole smoked chicken

How about their soups you ask? I have had several, and liked each of them.
I would have to say my favorite was their smoked chicken corn chowder.
Really well executed, the chicken had a great flavor and this soup was nice
creamy. Really hits the spot, especially on a cold day!

And I recently tried their smoked chicken. I ordered a whole chicken, and then
turned it into a combo for just a couple of bucks more. By the time tax was
added on, I paid around $12 for this.

I have to say this is one I also enjoyed. The skin was cooked just enough, and
had a good seasoning to it. The smoke was infused nicely into the meat of the
chicken. I also ordered home fries and coleslaw. And both were spot on as

For dessert both locations have freshly made cookies. Alas, I have no

to share, but will update the review soon with some. My favorites have
to be

their double chocolate chip and their white chocolate chip apricot.

Always moist and yummy! But if you stop in there, in the afternoon, make
sure to get your cookies quick, otherwise they may be sold out by the time
you get to the counter.

penguin eds pork ribs fayetteville arkansas arpenguin eds pork ribs fayetteville arkansas ar nwark

And I would be remise if I did not mention their ribs. I really like these, as they
are a dry rubbed rib. The dry rub tastes good, the flavoring infusing nicely into
the meat. Each time I have ordered these, they have been good.

Make sure to try a side of the beans and coleslaw, they are made from



I would highly recommend these two locations to my readers, well worth the
time of stopping by there and spending a few dollars.

Prices are reasonable, and the service has always been good when I have been
there. Which is why I continue to spend my hard earned dollars there!

CLICK HERE to learn more about their history.

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Review by,

frank from

Frank of NowThatsCookin.Com

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You can also check out more

You can also check out more of their photos here:

Kirby Sanders
Peguin Ed's B&B location

I have been a fan of Ed's B&B for years. It is "right around the corner" from my house and has long been a "go to place" for a quick and comforting meal.

However, Ed needs to have a look at what's going on in the smokehouse. The last few times I have been in, the ribs, brisket and chicken have had a distinctly unpleasant taste of elm to them. The only wood worse for barbecue or "campfire cooking" is pine. Nasty nasty nasty flavor.

If the pitmaster is using elm, that needs a stop put to it ASAP - and it will probably take several ricks of good hickory (or pecan) to re-cure the pit.

(Table for one please - at the back).

***Update as of 28 May, 2012***
Stopped by for a BBQ chicken plate at lunch. Ordered chicken because the meat is somewhat delicate and takes on the flavor of the wood. No more nasty sting and burn of elm. Perhaps the problem has been resolved.

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