Bariolas Pizzeria - Food Review

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Bariola's Pizzeria
Located: 1290 N Steamboat Dr
Fayetteville, AR
(479) 571-4007

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Type of dining experience: Casual / Pizza / Sandwiches / Pastas

Updated - 5/16/2012

Finding their stride, very well worth the try!

I have eaten at this establishment a lot and have seen some changes since the first time I went there, numerous for the good and a few that seem to be having some issues panning out.


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I like the new "mafia" theme that they have done to the establishment, lots of neat mafioso pictures and such around. And they have carried through this theme to their menu, with offerings such as their Knuckles, Wise Guy, The Don, The Hook and more. So the interior of the restaurant has a neat feel to it overall. In regards to cleanliness, the facility itself has always been clean as have their restrooms. They can seat around 90 people in the main part of the restaurant, plus they have a nice semi-enclosed area inside that will seat another 35 or so people. That area would easily accommodate a party or company get together. They have an outside patio area as well which will seat probably another 50 people.

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In addition, they also have a game room with various games for the kids. That way mom and dad can finish their food, while keeping the kids busy for the cost of just a few quarters.

For the adults they do have a bar that serves various bottled beers as well as drafts. On Tuesdays they do $1 drafts and $4 pitchers. And everyday they do $2 tall boys. They also have a small selection of wines.


When I look at their overall menu, I think that they are strongest in their pizza offerings. One of the things I really like about this place is that they make their sauces from scratch, and so far the sauces in their dishes have never let me down.

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Another of my favorites are their hot wings, which are a dry wing. Really good taste, and I could eat these by the dozens. Maybe they might create an eating challenge one of these days, featuring their chicken wings? Now I would sign up for that one! As I mentioned before, I have to say that their pizzas are very good, so far I have not had one that I do not like. Here are my favorites so far;

The Don. This one has pepperoni, sausage, canadian bacon, italian sausage, green pepper and onion.

The Wise Guy. This one has pepperoni, hamburger, onion, green peppers and mushrooms.

bariolas fayetteville arkansas chicken alfredo

Now on to some of their other offerings. They do "buy-in" quite a bit of product in relation to some of these other offerings, which is a shame and really the only area I can "ding" them on. I recently tried their Chicken Alfredo, and for me this one was not a winner. And the reason why was the chicken, which is a bought in flash frozen product. To me a good portion of the "pieces" were dry and lacking which is a real shame because the sauce is made from scratch and was good, and the pasta was cooked well.

bariolas fayetteville arkansas ar meatball sandwich

An example though of one of their dishes that has bought in product that I like is their Goob's Meatball sandwich. The meatballs while being bought in, are actually quite good. So overall I really like this sandwich offering from them.

I also did get to try out their lasagna. This had been made from scratch, then due to some equipment issues was a bought in lasagna. The lasagna I tried was their made from scratch. The sauce was great, pasta cooked well, but to me it seemed to be missing something. In speaking to one of the staff I found out it was missing Ricotta cheese, and they are planning on adding that into their lasagna. And I think that will give it the "little bump" it needs to be spot on.


In summary, I would have to say that Bariola's is a restaurant that I do frequent. And not just because they host Texas Hold'Em tournaments there. Their pizzas keep me coming back for more, as do their wings.

As with most restaurants, or any business for that matter, they are in a state of continual flux and development. So they are trying out new menu items to offer to their customers, and some will be a hit, while others will be a miss. The one thing I can tell you is that when I have gotten a dish there that did not fit the bill and was not to my liking, they always took care of me.

They have had a bit of an issue with customer service, in relation to when they get busy, sometimes the staff takes a bit longer than usual to get to their customers. From what I gather, this is something they are working on. So for those of you who may have had some issues in that department, I would encourage you to give them another try. It will be worth your time and money!


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